Why do I need SEO?

Supposing you just finished your beautiful new website and you’re ready to show it off to the world.

Well, your website will literally get lost in the BILLIONS of websites on the world wide web unless you optimize it to show to the right people.

Who are the right people? Your target market of course! With SEO, we can find the terminology (otherwise known as KEYWORDS) that your target market uses to search for the service that you provide. This means your site gets shown to the people who want to buy what you have to offer, it’s a win-win.

In essence, without SEO, your site is an online business card out in the abyss of the internet. Let us help you make your website work for you and get you new business!

How long does this take?

A normal SEO campaign can take several months and up to one year of time. It’s all dependant on the level of competition in your niche as well as some other, more complex factors. From our experience, 6-month cycles work great as a built-in checkpoint is established which allows us to do our work with enough time for you to see results.

Do results stick after the campaign?

It’s good to keep your SEO specialist on retainer to make sure that your site holds it rankings once they are achieved. Trust that your competition is out there trying to grab that coveted high ranking as well! All that being said, your rankings should stick for a while but you can never estimate the effort of other competitors.